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As we reach ages into the mid 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, we go through many transitions:

–Our bodies and health change.

–Our emotional and psychological needs and patterns change.

–Our financial situation and needs change.

–Our activities, lifestyles, and interests evolve.

–Our family situations change.

–Our careers and work situations change as we evolve into retirement and beyond.

Life changes almost as much as it did when we became teens, when we went out on our own, when we began and raised families, when we developed careers.

This blog and website is devoted to these changes in ages 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.  It will contain information from the best sources available.

The idea for this information was mostly the result of my annual visit at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  It was the first meeting with my physician at Mayo, Dr. Bryan McIver after I had recently sold my company, the earn-out was complete and I was happily headed into retirement, or so I thought.

While the details of that conversation will be contained in a separate article to be published later, but it was basically this:  “I see a lot of people in your situation, and you are entering a danger zone”, according to Dr. McIver.  “People of your generation who work hard, have some success and achieve many of the goals you set out many years ago, now find yourselves in new circumstances.  You should be aware of the dangers of that situation and what you can do to enhance your lifestyle.  We here at Mayo (and by extension, most first-rate medical staffs and facilities) will help maintain your health. But you need to take additional steps to enhance your life and well-being.”

With that as the background, this site will provide unbiased information from the best sources we can find, such as Mayo Clinic, Wells Fargo and others.  Some of the information will be original, some of it will be obtained and repurposed from published material, other will be distilled from many sources.

As the blog/website grows, this information will be collected, saved and indexed in a format you will presumably find helpful, can pass along to others and can reference.

We will be soliciting your input and thoughts as we move forward.

ABOUT HENRY FIOLA:  My name is Henry Fiola.  After having spent approximately 40 years in publishing, marketing and communications, I sold my company a few years ago.  After a few years of consulting with the new owners, I retired. The first year or so was spent indulging in what I always dreamed about — playing more golf , traveling, reconnecting with friends, pursuing interests.  After a year or so, the realization came that something was missing.  And, thanks to Dr. McIver, I realized it was the intellectual engagement.  Finding passion.  As it turns out, with my background in writing, journalism and publishing, with an interest in learning more about how life would evolve, and with the encouragement of friends, professionals, The Mayo Clinic, Wells Fargo and others, I have taken it upon myself to share this information with others in the same situation.

Hopefully you will find it of benefit.

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  1. Charlie keller says:

    Great to have you back in the work saddle after your play time. I have finally found part time work (relief manager for a U-store-it lot). Will give me a couple of bucks for my two days on a week.
    I have been fortunate to have our local retiree group to bounce things off of (the new retirement situation which includes what you are covering; health, investments, family and marriage situations). My relationship with the guys has been like a great support group. Your blog should help many retirees who don’t have that close in support group. Good on you!!!! Look forward to future communication.

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