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reading onboardBryan Physician and aviator, adventurer of seas and skies

Last book read: Altered Carbon by Scottish science fiction author Richard K Morgan

Reread? Ian Rankin Resurrection Men : I do enjoy a second read, picking out subtle details, or revisiting a location, culture. It is like going to dinner with an old friend, you know the nature of the conversation but it is going to have new detail and texture while continuing an enjoyable experience.

Best book? None, how do you compare your favourite meal in NYC and in Chicago? They are different and wonderful!

Favourite author…Ian Rankin, although I am not much of a series reader. Who would you like to have dinner with? Ian Rankin! Once we were over the initial discomfort, we would get along very well, as I believe we have a lot in common!¬† What questions would you ask? How does he know about the dark side of Edinburgh, because he does! And how did he made it an attribute of the city, because he couldn’t know such darkness (I have seen enough gristly humanity in the Casualty Wards and OnCall demands to know what he writes is real and realistic). Somehow he distracts the reader from the sadness of it and turns it into the grist for the mill of each book.

Do you listen to music when you read? Type? Gets in the way most of the time, but also depends in the music.

I read both fiction nonfiction.

Books, hdbk, ppbk, ebooks? Do you like the electronic format? The ebook has extended my reading (from amazon to Library books) and is much more convenient. I always have a devide, can read anywhere and can open practically any book.  The ebook has increased the amount of reading I do, because I now read in airplanes.

Do you have specific types of reading on the iPad, ebook instead of hardcover? Magazines, newspapers, daily, to keep in touch, important daily info, time.

Any book you think the president should read? Everyone should read the favourite book of his predecessor, and of his political opponent. And afterwards there will be a quiz!

Fav reading spot? My airplane

Favourite library? Several: 1) Univ Edinburgh, main library, fifth floor reading room. Feels like the flight deck of an aircraft carrier…no distractions from books, vast, 2) Yale Univ Med school medical library 3) Plummer building library Mayo Clinic 4) Carnegie library in Morrisville VT because books matter and are worth investing in! Or any Carnegie Library in the USA, some 1200 of them!

Fav bookstore? Online!

Do you have a personal library? Special collection of medical books, flying and sailing books.

How often do you buy books or want to buy!?10 year, although my wife buys considerably more for both of us!

Do you give books as gifts? Of course.

Is reading part of your everyday life!? As much as possible

How many do you read a year? 30

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