Random Readers II Summer Reads

Sue retired computer analyst, housewife in CT

A recent book you bought just for the cover? None… I buy for the AUTHOR! (I have a few favorites, but don’t buy too many books)

Have you heard any good books lately? Driving? in an airplane? Don’t listen…just read.

Do you have a genre to beach read? Don’t go to the beach…

What book is on your nightstand? I had the latest Clive Cussler

book on the coffeetable? Don’t have a coffee table… whatever book I’m reading “travels” with me….

Paper or electronic? Do you take notes? Don’t take notes; paper only…

Is music important to your reading?  I tend to block everything out anyway; music is nice, but optional.

What were your most cherished books as a child? Do you have a favorite character or hero / heroine from one of those books?Problem is I can’t remember the name of the book…. must have read it 25 times if at all, but can’t even remember the main character’s name; HER “hero” in the book was Clarkson……….but not the one she ended up marrying at the end…I think that was Jonathan. An orphaned girl joins a family, but she was raised to not do anything, so the book is of all her learning experiences and what she goes through in the process. It’s probably too “old-fashioned” now, but was right up my alley then… (any one have any idea of this book???)

If you could require the president to read one book, what would it be?  Again, titles elude me, even though I’ve read them over and over; Tom Clancy…the series of books has the government having to start over after a dis-enchanted pilot flies a plane into the capital………….. the process of doing so is interesting and ought to make our current congressmen take notice…

Do you tend to keep books, lend them out or give them away? Hardly ever lend, but do both keep and give away.

Any guilty reading pleasures? Not guilty at all… I read everything (yes, romance novels too) EXCEPT horror stories…you can keep Stephen King and the like! Best liked authors… Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, Iris Johasen,J.D. Robb, Dick Francis, Jane Aeul, Benard Cornwell; there are several others but can’t think of their full names right now…

I mostly read what I get at the library……and I clear out the annual book sale pretty well too… I hit the “currently in” shelves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the “top 10″… so I’m almost never “current with the best sellers list”.

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