BookScapes Summer Reading

Notable Nonfiction Notes

Matthew Battles Library An Unquiet History  Libraries accumulate and preserve but also shape, inspire and obliterate knowledge – this books is a fountain of detailed, interesting information! I knew the muslims had saved so much of the information from early Europe/Greece/Rome, but not why, or that they enthusiastically strove to acquire information for over 1000 years. The book explores what books mean to us/individuals/cultures (and has some nice correlations with books we read this year – medicine, People of the Book, Smithsonian, etc). Very engaging, someone else had dog-eared it!

Jeffrey Toobin The Nine   He writes so well, informative, insightful, downright scary on the people that influence and make our laws. Not a pretty picture. I feel some of his restraint, can hear his opinions, love his historical anecdotes. Even more important to understand in an election year.

Clive James Cultural Amnesia  This will take you the better part of the year to read, because so much needs to be digested. And creates diversions and memories. Enjoy every moment! Australian, British, world class.

Randy Pausch The Last Lecture   Wow. Make that list as a young adult, attain so many goals and then have life taken from you, and still go with grace. This is extremely powerful. I would like to see the DVD.

Mark Kulansky Salt: World History (also wrote Cod and The Basque History of the World) really was a world history and emphasizes everyday life, over millenia! Not just relevant to ‘serious cooks or foodies’ as some would have. I, of course, liked the ancient salt (and why some of the salt we buy today is so expensive!).

Larry Millet Strange Days DangerousNights A new twist on life in the Twin Cities MN, with photographs. Quite an era. Always good to read local!

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