Random Readers II Summer Reading

Summer Beach Reads:  by a Library Volunteer, RST, MN

Must read- June- Dick Van Dyke My lucky life in and out of show business-a memoir

Favorite lines.:Daughter : …”Apologize.” Father: “How do you know I’m the one who was wrong?” Daughter: “Because you’re the guy.”

Don’t buy books often and never for covers – look for large print. Love the resource of my Library.

Beach Read: Romance at the beach.

On the Nightstand – Orlean’s Rin Tin Tin

On the Coffeetable – Allsen’s Old Frontenac Minnesota and St.Mane’s Images of America – Rochester Minnesota.

I only read Paper – and take notes only when doing reviews

I love to lend books or give them away/share.

Typically I don’t read plays or poetry but have many memorized – “Little Orphan Annie”, “Paul Revere’s Ride”, “What is so Rare as a Day in June,” ” The Raven”.

As a vocalist and a reader, I typically do only one of my loves at a time, now. I used to, but find the two activities together are less likely now. Of course movie themes bring back images of books I enjoyed (Hawaii, e.g.) I would like to meet Mark Twain –and discover generally how much is you?

Children’s books – we had very few other than school books. I loved to read my older siblings literature textbooks. Stories from the Bible were read, too.

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