Oldest Person In The Grand Canyon

Most of us have flown over the Grand Canyon, taken a train to the Grand Canyon, driven to the Grand Canyon, read about the Grand Canyon, watched programs about the Grand Canyon, and have otherwise been awestruck and intrigued by it. More »

The Wow of a B-17 Flying Fortress

Growing up in the 1950s and 60s, it seems a lot of us did not pay much attention to WWII. The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Airwomen, nurses, Coast Guardsmen, Merchant Mariners and others came home, got down to business, worked to raise us properly and never said much about their grim experiences of war and war-time service. More »


Unbound – Eat, Drink and be Literary

Literacize – exercise your freedom to read! The 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week recently celebrated your right to read. The ALA fights hard for the freedom to read because books are


Laurie R King, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series Garment of Shadows (2012) is the 12th novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell, aka Mrs Sherlock Holmes. As with most of these novels,

Random Readers – Author Interview – Valerie Nieman

  Valerie Nieman, award winning author   Valerie is an award winning writer, most recently for Blood Clay (2012 Eric Hoffer Award winner for excellence in independent publishing; finalist for the 2012


Autumn Mystery Reading What are you reading now? What were you reading then?? Looking back through my reading lists, journals and diaries is always great fun. I now give book journals to

Random Reader

Bryan Physician and aviator, adventurer of seas and skies Last book read: Altered Carbon by Scottish science fiction author Richard K Morgan Reread? Ian Rankin Resurrection Men : I do enjoy a

Random Readers II Summer Reads

Sue I’m a therapist at Mayo Clinic and I grew up in Rochester.MN. Do you remember the last time you said to someone: you really must read this book now?” and the

Random Readers II Summer Reads

Sue retired computer analyst, housewife in CT A recent book you bought just for the cover? None… I buy for the AUTHOR! (I have a few favorites, but don’t buy too many

BookScapes Summer Reading

Notable Nonfiction Notes Matthew Battles Library An Unquiet History  Libraries accumulate and preserve but also shape, inspire and obliterate knowledge – this books is a fountain of detailed, interesting information! I knew

Random Readers II Summer Reading

Summer Beach Reads:  by a Library Volunteer, RST, MN Must read- June- Dick Van Dyke My lucky life in and out of show business-a memoir Favorite lines.:Daughter : …”Apologize.” Father: “How do

BookScapes – Summer Reading

Summertime and the reading is easy…We all look forward to the warm lazy sunny afternoon (especially now that it isn’t so hot!)  So, pull up a chaise and set awhile with a